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Zebra Wood Walking Cane Shaft

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Walking Cane Shafts are unfinished and ready for you to apply your favorite finish. Our walking cane shafts are guaranteed to be straight and with a smooth tapper, we sand the walking cane shaft to 220 grit. With 20 years of experience we select our walking cane shafts from the very best wood we can find. If you don’t have any special requests (see below) we will include one center mark in the wide end to drill for mounting a handle. Please see the drop down menu for all the available sizes.

Free Parts Fittings by Request:
If you purchase a brass collar or brass ring we will machine the wide end of the cane shaft to fit these items. We generally make the brass part just proud of the end of the wood assuring the best fit to the handle. If you are ordering several cane shafts and parts please tell us which parts go together, use the comment box, call us or replying back to your order confirmation.
Also if you purchase a brass walking cane tip, combi tip or metal spike we can fit these items to the tip end of the cane shaft, please tell us how long you want the cane shaft to be, remember you are putting a handle on which will increase the length of the cane.

By request we can drill and or tap just about any size hole for mounting handles, free of charge, you can request this by, using the comment box, email us after the order (replying back to your order confirmation), or give us a call.

Please view all the pictures for more information about this product.

We do make other sizes of cane shaft by request and offer just about any other wood species not shown by request please call for pricing and to place your order. 1-888-399-4870.

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