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Why Not Walk? Walking Cane

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The Why Not Walk? walking cane is the latest addition to our fabulous line of “Made in the USA” walking cane selection.

This second generation handle design is made from Black Walnut wood and Red Oak. The handle has five layers laminated together to make it one of the strongest handles available, plus the added benefit of being able to hang the cane on your wrist, freeing up your hands to use for other things.

Options include with or without the hole to be used for mounting a leather wrist strap, or hang your car keys from and any other uses you can think of.

The walking cane shaft is made from Black walnut wood and because the handle is centered over the shaft there is no flexing which mean less chance of breaking during use, unlike most other walking canes with an offset handle.

This unique design will be suitable for our young and older customers alike who want something more stylish looking and yet fully functional walking cane.
Standard walking cane length is up to 37” extra long canes up to 42” ($10 more). Includes your choice of 3 coats of Satin Lacquer finish or a hand rubbed Teak oil finish.

You can trust and lean on this walking cane, the handle and shaft are joined together with a very strong hickory wood dowel. The brass ring goes between the handle and the shaft which is fitted onto the end which helps to hold the shaft together and supports the handle from breaking off the shaft. With over 30 years of wood working experience we only use the finest woods and materials in each of our walking canes. We build each cane when it is ordered and because of this we can customize this cane with different collars or rings, add screw joints and you a can choose different wood combinations. To customize your cane give us a call 1-888-399-4870 Ext 1.

Free Brass Tip Installation ($15 Value) included with the purchase of this walking cane and the purchase of one of our Brass or Silver Plated walking cane tips.
View our Brass and Silver Plated tips here.

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