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Shillelagh Walking Cane - Cocobolo Wood

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The Shillelagh Walking Cane features a club style handle which is very comfortable. This walking cane is made from Cocobolo Wood and has a 1” diameter shaft which tapers down to ¾” at the tip which is a high quality Never Slip rubber tip. Your choice of walking cane length from 28” to 42” long includes Hand Rubbed Teak Oil Finish. This walking cane will support up to 275 lbs when used properly, replacement tip size is ¾”.

The handle and shaft are joined together with a very strong hickory wood dowel. The brass ring between the handle and the shaft helps to hold the shaft together and supports the handle from breaking off the walking cane shaft. We build each walking cane when it is ordered and because of this we can customize this walking cane with different collars or rings we can also add screw joints. To customize your cane give us a call 1-888-399-4870 Ext 1.

Free Brass Tip Installation ($15 Value) included with the purchase of this walking cane and the purchase of one of our Brass or Silver Plated walking cane tips.
View our Brass and Silver Plated tips here.

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