On this site you will see Max Weight Supported: is X, this means when a cane is used properly it should support a user who weighs X amount of pounds. What do we mean when we say used properly? Walking canes are not meant to replace crutches, nor are walking canes meant to support all the weight your leg normally would support. Walking canes are intended to provide a third point on the ground for balance and give some weight support.

So, if we say a cane can support 275 pounds we mean when used properly for balance and some support. If the user is larger than the supported weight rating and only use the cane for balance then it should work for them. Another example is if the user weights less than supported weight rating and puts too much of their body weight on the cane more than likely the cane will fail.

Always consult your doctor in matters concerning using a walking cane. None of the information on this page should in any way replace medical advice from your doctor or therapist.