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Extra Strong Walking Cane Handle - Bolivian Rosewood

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Extra Strong walking cane handles for the DIY cane maker. These handles will need some light sanding and a finish of your choice. Please view all the pictures to see a detailed drawing of this handle.

Included with the purchase is a 5/8” x 4” Hickory wood dowel.  These handles are 5.62” wide, 3.25” tall, with a 5/8" Diameter Hole 2.25" Deep. Will fit walking cane shafts up to 1 1/4" Diameter, these cane handles can be sanded down at the base to fit smaller cane shaft. We recommend using epoxy or wood glue to mount the handle to the cane shaft.  If you need a handle that screw on we can modify this handle with a brass threaded female insert or male threaded rod, please call for details and ordering.

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