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Extra Strong Purple Heart Wood Walking Cane 500 Pounds

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You can lean on this extra strong walking cane which provides great support for those who need a little more reassurance in their walking cane, and is also useful as a formidable self defense device if the need arises. This walking cane features a modified Fritz handle which maximizes comfort and is accented with a stunning brass collar. The walking cane shaft which is made from select hardwoods for their beauty and strength and is a full 1 ¼” thick, and tapers down to 1” and includes a high quality rubber tip.

This extra strong walking cane will support a person up to 500 pounds when used properly and iis available in lengths up to 42” long.

Manufactured in Spokane, WA by the walking cane Company, the handle is adjoined to the shaft with epoxy and a 5/8" laminated hickory wood pin that extends almost to the top of the handle and 2” down into the shaft. The brushed finish brass collar give style and strength to the walking cane, the shaft goes up inside the brass ring which prevents the cane shaft from splitting out. We build each cane when it is ordered and because of this we can customize this cane with different collars or rings we can also add screw joints. To customize your cane give us a call 1-888-399-4870 Ext 1.

Free Brass Tip Installation ($15 Value) included with the purchase of this walking cane and the purchase of one of our Brass or Silver Plated walking cane tips.
View our Brass and Silver Plated tips here.

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