Custom Walking Canes

Over the years I have built several custom walking canes for people in all sorts of styles. Below you find several examples and brief descriptions of each item. Choose from one of the items show below or browse my site to get ideas, feel free to mix and match any combination of canes found on this site or any other. When you are ready give our cane maker a call at 1-888-399-4870 and ask for Scott Prevost to go over what you want and pricing.

Manhattan Twist Rosewood - $325
This walking cane was custom built for a lady in New York who helped design it for her husband’s birthday present. I received and email from her and a phone call from him thanking me for such wonderful craftsman ship and a very beautiful cane.
This cane is made entirely from Bolivian Rosewood imported from Brazil.
Manhattan Twist Rosewood Walking Cane

Manhattan Twist Ebony Zebra - $400.00
This cane features three different woods; the handle is from our New Yorker series made from laminated Zebra wood, Ebony and thin maple strips. The cane shaft is ebony with zebra wood laminated to it and a rope pattern carving.
This is very stylish and strong and will support anyone when used properly. This cane is priced as shown but if you want to customize (customizing is encouraged) this cane please give me a call and we can discuss your options and pricing.
Manhattan Twist Ebony Zebra Walking Cane

The Barley Classic Lam $400.00
This custom made walking cane features East India Rosewood, Maple and Beechwood. This walking cane is fully functional weight supporting walking cane, makes a great addition to any collection. Would you like to customize your own walking cane give Scott a call at the Walking Cane Company 1-888-399-4870 and start designing your timeless classic walking cane.

The Barley Classic Walking Cane

Some other examples of Custom made walking canes

Manhattan Twist Made From Bubinga Wood with Brass Screw Joint - Call for Pricing

Cosmopolitan - Bolivian Rosewood Walking Cane with Brass Ring and two custom made Screw Joints - Call for Pricing

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