Walking Cane Company

The Walking Cane Company is a family owned business established in 1999 in Vancouver, WA by Jim and Scott Prevost. Jim Prevost retired in 2004 and in 2010 Scott & Carla Prevost moved the business to Spokane WA.

Walking Cane Company has three divisions.

WCC Walking Canes – Made in the USA by the Walking Cane Company which features handmade walking canes made from domestic and imported exotic woods from around the world. Every walking cane we manufacture is made to order and can be customized to suit your needs.

Walking Cane Parts & Supplies - The Walking Cane Company is the largest manufacture of walking cane parts and supplies in the USA. Most of our parts are manufactured by the Walking Cane Company and we also specialize in custom walking cane parts.

Harvy Walking Canes - Harvy Surgical Supply Corporation is a fifth generation family owned American business. Over the past 117 years we have grown to become the largest manufacturer of walking canes in North America. Remember our motto “You Can Lean on Us”!

The Walking Cane Company has been designing custom made walking canes since 1999.  We know walking cane users come in all ages and all have a unique style, and we want your walking cane to be as unique as you are. If you are interested in one but not sure what you want, please give us a call, we are experts in picking the right wood for strength and beauty to suit your needs, our designs are exclusive - be the first on your block to have a custom made walking cane especially for you.

Walking Canes Repair and Refinishing
Walking Cane Company not only makes great custom walking canes but we also provides walking cane repair and refinishing. Do you have a great walking cane handle on a broken cane shaft? We can replace the broken canes shaft with a new one starting at around $75.
Do you have an antique walking cane you need a time period correct walking cane tip, rings or walking cane handles made from real ivory/bone, we specialize in that to. We have a complete metal and wood facility to serve all your needs, give us a call and let’s get started on restoring your walking cane project.

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Walking Cane Company