DIY Walking Cane Parts & Supplies

Walking Cane Company now supplies walking cane parts and supplies. Do you have a great stick that would make and great walking cane? Well now you can buy the walking cane part you need to finish that great cane. We are selling our most popular Derby Style Walking Cane handle featuring nine different domestic and exotic imported woods. Plus all of the other walking cane parts and accessories. Canes walking sticks suppliers.

Walking Cane Parts Available Now.

  • Derby Style Walking Cane Handles
  • Walking Cane Shafts
  • Brass Rings and Collars
  • Walking Cane Rubber Tips
  • Brass and Silver Walking Cane Tips
  • Hiking Staff Tips
  • Ice Grips

New Products Coming Soon!

  • More Styles of Brass Rings and Collar
  • Fritz Style Walking Cane Handles
  • Brass Walking Cane Handles
  • Walking Cane building tips
  • More styles of walking cane handles
  • More wood Choices
If you don't find the thing you are looking for or not sure what you need, please call and ask. We want to be your one stop store for all your Walking Stick & Cane Supplies!