Able TriPod Walking Canes Base

Able TriPod Base

This revolutionary new cane base allows almost any cane to become self-standing on a variety of flat surfaces. Bio-medically engineered to give greater lateral support, the Able Tripod Cane base features a flexible traction design that cushions the impact of everyday cane use through hands, wrists and elbows. The Base is symmetrically designed for both left and right hand use and is recommended by Physicians for its lightweight easy to use design.

The Able Tripod Cane is currently being used at major University Hospital Rehabilitation Centers as an alternative to heavier, awkward Quad-Canes that are especially cumbersome on stairs. Perfect for use on soft surfaces such as grass, sand and earth. Please consult your medical professional to see if AbleTripod Cane Base is right for you.

Note: Able TriPod base when purchased with a cane cost $23 you save $2.00. Check the optional accessories box for the Able TriPod Base when adding your cane to your car.
Buy two or more Able Tripod Bases and Recieve $5.00 off each one.
If adding a base to your cane is not an option, return to this page and when you add it to your cart $2 will be subtracted from the cost.

If you buy just the base to fit a cane you already have then the cost is $25.00 plus shipping.

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