Shillelagh Walking Canes

The Shillelagh Walking Cane
by Jim Prevost

A shillelagh (pronounced “shuh-LAY-lee”) is a Gaelic war club (shown below) made of oak or blackthorn saplings from Ireland. Those are the only woods used because, it is said, and they are the only ones tougher than an Irish skull.
This unique club style Shillelagh walking cane is not only useful and very surprisingly comfortable but also makes an interesting conversation piece. This cane is available in many combinations of exotic woods, all hard enough for Irish skulls, however Jim Prevost does not recommend using this cane as a club.

Note: The walking canes in this series are custom made per order and can require up to 3-5 day to ship. Because of this we can also customize these canes to fit your specific need such-as engraved initials, mix and match wood types, wider handles, stronger canes, request special wood and so on.
Feel free to call us for further options you would like on your walking cane.
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