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Model: 963
Free cane sizing with cane purchase
Below you must enter the length of the cane you want.
This dimension is from the top of the cane (highest part) to the bottom of the rubber tip.
If you are ordering more then on cane include the model number or description of the cane you want cut to this size.
NOTE: If you do not know the size you need please refer to our cane sizing page found in the left navigation link under Information.
NOTE: Canes cut to shorter then 34” are not returnable
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...a victim of the antibiotic streptomycin, I lost vestibular function & began to teeter like a drunk...but I was sober...I did nothing for several years but bob & weave & catch myself...5 falls later my youngest son bought me a walking cane...WOW...what a difference...haven't had a fall since that time...thanks to my walking cane!!! Paul Sandberg
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