9303 Silver Plated Walking Cane Tip INSTALLED

Model: 9303
Polished Silver Plated Tip with replaceable rubber tips insert. Includes one extra rubber tip.
Enhance the appearance of your walking cane by adding a polished Silver Plated Tip to your walking cane.

Choose this tip if you want it installed on a walking cane you are buying from us or you want it installed on a cane you already have.

The cost to install this tip on your cane is $27.00 plus shipping.
Please leave us a note stating you will be sending us your cane to have a tip installed during the check out process. Also, note that during the check out process the shipping charge may be incorrect.
Below you must type in the length you want the cane to be from the very highest point of the handle to the bottom of the rubber tip.
NOTE: If you do not know the size you need please refer to our cane sizing page found in the left navigation link under Information link.
NOTE: Canes cut to shorter then 34” are not returnable.
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Cane Length 
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Scott, The canes arrived in the mail yesterday afternoon. That silver tip is a very clever innovation that you and your father have developed. The usual rubber cane tip found on most functional canes and even the typical brass tip I have seen on some older canes are nowhere near as elegant, especially on formal canes that are meant to be more decorative than functional. Great idea. Also, thank you for fitting the new silver tip on the old cane that I sent up to you. You did a much better job than I could have done and were very gracious to do so. I look forward to attending a formal occasion when I can carry the new cane. It will now doubt impress a few people. I will give them your name. Best wishes. Mike B
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